Prescreen is a cool new online streaming service for smaller movies that have multiple critical accolades, but may have fallen between the distribution cracks. And for the next two months, you can catch Alison up there. Go check it out.

For Alison, of course, we didn’t pursue traditional distribution. Recognizing that the industry was changing — and also that Alison didn’t fit into any traditional genres or categories — I decided as an experiment to go it alone and pursue self-distribution. (The film Good Dick, made by my friend Marianna Palka, and the book Think Outside the Box Office helped). There were more movies than ever being made, and less shelf space for all of those movies, and frankly, fewer people were visiting mom and pop video stores anyway. I recognized Alison was a movie for the digital age — streaming, Netflix, iTunes, Roku, that sort of thing.

So far, it’s been great. What was designed from the beginning as a very modest movie costing a pittance compared to most films has been critically acclaimed, been bought and sold on iTunes alongside the big boys, and is finding a home in niche ‘net outlets like Prescreen. We’re happy. Have we made our money back? Not yet. Have we made an Alison-sized dent in the industry and gotten noticed and opened doors for other opportunities? You betcha.

I haven’t streamed it on the iPad yet, but I bet it looks beautiful there.

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