Last fall, I was asked to direct a series of videos for Moog Music and Music Allies, both based here in Asheville.  Great fun.  Essentially, the bands were coming through town and would stop by Moog Music’s studios and play with the very cool vintage-styled instruments.  The finished videos can be seen at Paste magazine.

Amanda Palmer — she rocks, simple as that.  More creative and more fun than I expected, and a terrific bandleader, besides.  The fact that she’s in a relationship with Neil Gaiman still freaks me out.


Medeski, Martin and Wood.  They also rock.  Some of their improvs are jawdropping.  Nice guys, too.  The drummer was very interested in filmmaking and picked my brain about HD.


Showing Mr. Medeski how to form a C chord.  Poor guy just couldn’t get it.


Moe.  I wasn’t expecting to like these guys, but I did.  Super nice, too.


Yo La Tengo.  One of the greatest indie bands of all time.


The White Rabbits.  Young and very talented.  Not my favorite kind of music, but I was definitely impressed.


Matisyahu. This one directed by the great Rod Murphy.  Kinda sleepy, though.


Rod Murphy and I worked on several of these together until he took over full time.  Rod’s also an amazing musician.  Check out his fantastic movie Being the Diablo.


Xavier Rudd. Very interesting guy, sort of like an Australian Jack Johnson.


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