paulWilliamsLike film criticism, serious rock music criticism has fallen away in recent years. With Roger Ebert the only serious (to my mind) film critic still around, the art of true journalistic rock criticism seems to be a thing of the past as well. Now, one of rock music’s seminal pro’s needs your help: Paul Williams, the founder of Crawdaddy! magazine is in ill health.

Most often associated with it’s early championship of Bruce Springsteen and Phillip K. Dick, Paul’s magazine was a counter-cultural rag much like the young Rolling Stone; back when Lester Bangs was a regular contributor, and Dave Marsh was still listening to the MC5, and Iggy Pop was still rolling around onstage in broken glass, Paul was more than a rock critic — he was a cultural signifier.

In the words of journalist Bob Hill, “Paul Williams’ pieces weren’t just about music. They were about faith and struggle, religion and redemption, life and death, love and loss. They were about all the major themes that great songwriting is about. But Paul had the space and the freedom to go even deeper; to explore what exactly was at stake in every song and how—on any given night—rock ‘n’ roll had the power to break down the walls that kept people boxed in; to show us the edge without pushing us over.”

Due to a head injury suffered in the late ’90’s, Paul now needs constant, round-the-clock care. As a writer, he never made much money, and now his medical bills are mounting. Please take a look at the following links, and maybe think about writing a check to help out one of music criticism’s greatest.

Go to HERE to read more, or take a look at PAULWILLIAMS.COM to help out the man himself.

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