FistOfChenTJ Wiedow’s Golden Blade 3 is the third part (of course) to his fantastically entertaining Golden Blade series. TJ, who lives in Asheville, is for my money the most talented filmmaker in the region. As a director he is amazingly dynamic … and the fact that he does it all with very little budget to speak of makes his achievement all that much more incredible.

Full disclosure: I’m TJ’s buddy, and helped him with his movie. But he’s helped me with mine, too …

Filmed in the highlands of North Carolina, Golden Blade 3 showcases some of the most amazing locations from this area ever put on tape. The movie occasionally shows its low budget, but the ingenuity and raw imagination far outweighs any money issues.

Even better, the movie is just smart. Written by Wiedow and Jason Greenalch, the script takes surprising turns, and comments wryly on everything from familial relationships to romance.

Showing soon at the Action on Film Festival in Los Angeles in July, Golden Blade 3 is the purposefully whacked tale of a man, a sword, a girl, and a gorllia. Or something. But that’s the fun: it’s a spoof. Or is it?

Brilliantly, TJ gets to have it both ways. A goofy action flick, a kung fu spoof, or an incredible independent film? All of the above. Somebody give that boy a budget! And get the movie from WWW.GOLDENBLADE3.COM

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