synecdoche_new_york_posterJust a quick note to say once again, Roger Ebert’s got it right :  Synechdoche, New York is the best film of the decade.

Challenging, funny, dramatic, sad, beautiful — Synecdoche is all those things, and does what it does so well that no recent movie has come close to its level of complexity and scope.  It’s a testament to how great the film is that few people can really agree on its central message.  Ebert’s take is sort of close to my own, but that’s not saying much because, almost like good Harold Pinter, the themes and ideas overlap and intertwine and have a gem-like quality — there are many things happening simultaneously, and none of them are true, just as all of them are true.  There are patterns, but no certainties.

Anyway, please go check it out.

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