Much like David Letterman being repentant this week, with Sarah Palin accusing him of being a comedian, I must admit I was wrong about Twitter and, uh … okay, Facebook, too.

First of all, I wrote a post a couple weeks ago about the two popular social networks and their supposed lack of real content. It seemed to be all very narcissistic ‘all about me’ kinda things, and I maintain it still really is, to some extent. I saved particular venom for Twitter, with its limited character count and extremely terse form of communication.

But that was before the revolution in Iran. Wow. Twitter seems to have played a major role in people communicating with each other even though the traditional lines of communication were shut down. I’ve heard that Facebook played a role as well.

When entire countries have revolutions enabled by certain technology, it’s probably a good thing to appreciate that technology. So I will. I’ve since joined Facebook as an experiment recently, and found it kinda … fun.

Okay, enough groveling.

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