There’s a lot of cool music in Asheville. This is a musical town. I know a ton of talented, serious, professional musicians — good ones. That’s one of the secret blessings of living in such a creative place.

So when we talk about what type of music we’re gonna hear when we watch Alison, I was a little hesitant to pin it down. On one level, the movie is a quiet, minimalist sort of piece that doesn’t require much accompaniment — you never want to signal the viewer what type of emotion to have, unless you’re making The Goonies or something.

But on the other hand, music can add so much. Since Alison is a story about a woman — a chick flick, as it were — for a time I played with getting some ‘chicks’ who play rock music to score the piece with some sort of indie-rock mood music. That was a good idea, but it seemed a little like I was hoping to co-opt some type of movement that I don’t actually belong to.

And then came the ukulele.

It’s solid koa. It’s from Hawaii. It’s a concert-sized uke, which means it’s a little larger, almost like a small classical guitar. It sounds amazing. I can’t stop playing it. 1920’s jazz is my favorite, particularly something like the beautiful and very apropos Carolina Moon.

This is the way, I’ve found, creativity works. You look for something, and you may not find it, but chances are you’ll find something else just as good.

So, like all other aspects of this movie, happy accidents will provide. I think in addition to the cool indie chick-rock and hair metal and the requisite ambient tones, there might just be a little ukulele happening somewhere in there.

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