Quiet River at the Madrid International Film Festival, Redux


So our little movie Quiet River has been nominated for Best Feature Film and Best Cinematography at the Madrid International Film Festival. Good news, and we’re happy that the film is being recognized like this in such an esteemed international festival.

I have to make mention of the fact, however, that QR is by most standards a tiny, tiny movie — the entire budget was less than $5000, and on good days the crew was only three people — myself, producer/production designer Shane Meador, and Director of Photography Shane Peters (yes, out of three crew members, two of them are named Shane). Occasionally, I was my own DP, and operated completely solo — with no assistants or even a second crew member. Our camera budget was nil, though we did use an old/awesome Canon 5D and Shane let us use his vintage Nikon lenses to give it an interesting, “digital 70’s” look.

Thus, to have a major international festival recognize our photography (and our movie in general) as superior … well, to say it makes me feel good is an understatement. Thank you, Madrid!