In The Dark All Cats Are Grey

Creative projects come, and creative projects go. You work really hard on one or two, you think they’ll never be finished — and then lo and behold, one day they’re done.

I’m close now to wrapping up two simultaneous scripts — the feminist revenge thriller Your Ass is Grass (about which there is more on this site), and a contemporary fantasy/eco-thriller called Old Exit One, written in collaboration with my friend Brent Winter. They should be finished soon after the beginning of the new year, 2012. Amid the marketing/placement/development/hopeful funding of those indie film projects, I will move on to my next creative endeavor: a transmedia novel. It’s called In The Dark All Cats Are Grey.

Coined by my hero Ben Franklin, the phrase was originally meant to address the fact that even older women can be satisfying bed partners. But I’ve repurposed it for my own uses: The book is about a young boy in the early 20th Century who is caught up in a dangerous secret society built around the spiritualism (seances, mesmerism, mysticism) so popular in the Edwardian Age.

Is it literary horror? Is it a young adult thriller? The honest answer is that I don’t yet know. Stories have a way of becoming what they want to be as they are told. My script Your Ass Is Grass started out as a smartly campy nod to Southern B-movies with girls, guns and tits, and ended up becoming a somewhat grim, violent look at paranoid schizophrenia. So I try not to box projects in. What I do know is that I’ve done (and am doing) a ton of research on this project, and am looking forward to getting to it. My brain is buzzing with ideas, and the project is coming into focus. Less steampunk and more seance-punk, it’s about a subject I’ve been fascinated by for a long, long time.

Sometimes creativity is hampered by too much discussion about a topic. Sometimes the story is in danger of becoming a Twice-Told Tale. So I’ll stop talking about it now. But it’s worth bringing up, and I’m proud to announce the next Harrow Beauty Undertaking: In The Dark All Cats Are Grey.