The Coma

I recently had the pleasure of designing the new CD cover for the indie band Night’s Bright Colors, based on their original idea. And here it is.

Check out their music on iTunes here.

Alison’s on iTunes

In the new online streaming video paradigm, several leaders have definitely emerged. Netflix is the new Blockbuster, but a few sites are close behind: Hulu and iTunes both have lots of respect and don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. In the streaming world, all three are giants, and will only continue to get bigger as streaming video becomes the new form of delivery for most filmed content.

So I’m happy to say that iTunes took notice of my third feature Alison (my chick-flick Southern noir about a pregnant woman who leaves her husband), and has offered it for sale and rent on their site. It’s a nice way to showcase a gorgeous, award-winning film in true 1080p HD.

Go to to learn more.