Full disclosure: I know some of these guys, and share a production company with them (Belladonna Productions). That said, this is a really amazing movie you should check out right away.

Stakeland is a newish feature film by the always interesting Jim Mickle. Though the apocalyptic zombie/vampire/succubus/giant blob/whatever genre may be playing itself out by now, you should hold on for one m0re really good ride. Stakeland is an uncommonly exciting, intelligent and fresh take on what happens after everything falls to shit in the good ole US of A.

With a sly commentary on the state of the homeland (and even the world), Mickle and his collaborator (actor and storyteller par excellence Nick Damici) create a frightening and interesting take on what its like to live in a world where there are no second mistakes, where there’s no sentiment allowed, nothing but pure survival and red-blooded American values.

Never predictable, never taking the easy way out, it easily earns its poignantly original emotional payoff. Produced by indie horror film svengali Larry Fessenden through his company Glass Eye Pics, Stakeland is nothing other than a new horror classic. Keep your eyes on these guys. They’re gonna go far.