Quiet River at the Madrid International Film Festival


So, my li’l feature film, Quiet River, will play at the Madrid International Film Festival in July, 2016.

This is not my first international rodeo, of course. My first film, Sinkhole, was acquired internationally and sold all across the globe — Poland, Brazil, Israel, Greece; many, many territories. It’s still selling, as a matter of fact — I get the (somewhat meager) quarterly payments to show for it. My second feature, Alison, is available domestically, of course, through iTunes.

But we’re delighted to play in Madrid. I get a kick out of the fact that, as a feature film that cost under $5000 and made with little more than talent and ingenuity, we often go up against films with literally a hundred times our budget — and, as in the Orlando International Film Festival, end up nominated for awards against films with more established players. (In our case, Rebecca Morris and Willie Repoley were nominated for Best Lead Actor and Best Supporting Actor respectively.)

At any rate, congratulations to all the participants, including the Quiet River team, and as always, Viva La Cinema!