Underhill Rose

Underhill Rose is a North Carolina-based country soul band comprised of three gifted women: Eleanor Underhill, Molly Rose Reed, and Salley Williamson. Incredibly talented, fun and uncommonly cool, these chicks can write, sing and play with amazing grace.

I was surprised when they asked me to direct their first professional video (on the recommendation of the incredible rock photographer Sandlin Gaither). At first I was a little hesitant — I knew we had few resources, and musicians this good can often be so wrapped up in themselves and their own schtick that it wouldn’t have been fun. But these women were so nice, so charming, so real that I had to say yes, even though I knew we had hardly any tools and toys to work with beyond basic camera equipment and our own good intentions.

The song is called “Who Brought The Sun,” of course, and so I set about creating a whole shooting palette and motif built around the sun — sun flares, coronas, shadows, sunsets and so on. And of course the day of the shoot turned out to be completely overcast, not a shred of actual sun in the sky, not a shadow to be found down below.

But we went out to a field in Western North Carolina near the campus of Warren Wilson College, and shot a video in about two hours. With Aaron Morrell doing the Director of Photography duties and myself as Director, we captured several performances with two Canon 7D’s as the sun went down behind a ceiling of clouds.

Recently, the video premiered in Asheville, and the girls played a show. Aaron took the photographs below. I drank beer. I really love my job.

I’m pretty okay with cloudy days now.